Student study

What’s the best environment for students to study?

We all know how easy it is to get distracted nowadays with social media only a click away. So we’ve done some research to find out what really makes the perfect environment or study space for a student.

1. Diminish the distractions

This has to be the number 1 rule for studying or any workplace environment. For students especially its easy to find yourself distracted particularly because usually your desk is in the same room as your TV. Everyone has different preferences however, Rosehill try to create the ideal living space for students separating work and play and creating zones within our studio apartments or flats.

2. Go unplugged

Another idea is to instead make a point of turning off all electronics and unplugging them, even go one step further and log out of your social media accounts.. This will allow you to get our work done more efficiently.

3. Lighting

It’s impossible to really focus on work whilst straining your eyes and suffering from a head ache because the lighting isn’t quite adequate. At Rosehill we ensure that when we design our bedrooms for student accommodation we use appropriate lighting and position lighting effectively for studying.

4. Comfort—too much, or too little

Sitting on your bed whilst studying may seem ideal, but it doesn’t encourage productivity. We think it’s really important to have a separate work space and desk, with a comfortable ergonomic seating, promoting a healthy posture, and comfortable productive working.

5. Stay organised

No one wants to work in an unorganised environment. Seriously, you’ll spend half your time trying to find the relevant materials when you could just be getting on with your work. Instead, Rosehill provide storage cupboards and can even supply desk trays and rubbish bins, ensuring your work space is clean and tidy.

Have you got any other tips to help create a productive working environment? Let us know and comment below ..


Kitchen design

The Kitchen Design Process

At Rosehill, we aren’t just another kitchen designer. In fact we pride ourselves on the fact that we offer bespoke kitchens on mass rather than off the shelf solutions, meaning out kitchens are designed and tailor made for each project.

Because Rosehill cater for large scale projects and contract kitchens our design process is slightly different, but generally this our step by step process..

1. Meeting or consultation 

Rosehill are always keen to meet new clients and talk through requirements. That’s why our first step in the kitchen design process usually starts with a consultation or meeting including our design team and our projects director. At this point we would ask for design plans for our team to go away with and work from.

2. Samples

Once we have an idea about the project brief and the general kitchen design, we’ll offer samples and finishes for your team to oversee and test. This ensures we’re all on the same page.

3. Design & CGI’s

At the next stage, our design team will utilise the floor plans and design intents provided by architects. Our team have top of the range software in order to create CGI’s and visuals to confirm all designs and finishes are correct and fit the project brief.

4. Show rooms

On confirmation of design and CGI’s, our site team will then provide a sample or show kitchen either on site or at our HQ. This gives the client the opportunity to see the finished product before producing mass amounts.

So there you have it.. our kitchen design process is really only consists of 4 steps, however as you can imagine in order to achieve the best possible outcome it can often be a time consuming process depending on the project brief. That said, it’s important to remember that at Rosehill, we offer similar materials to those of high street and trade only kitchen suppliers. However we work to offer bespoke solutions to meet the demands of the construction industry and the designs of apartment blocks and residential developments.




Women in Construction: Are women treated differently on site?

Our last post was all about our North West Cambridge development project, and our two project managers Lynne and Kjersti, supporting Women in Construction.

Following on from this, we thought we’d explore the subject, because let’s be honest, there’s a significant dip in the market for women in construction, even still in this modern day and age. We wanted a real insight in to work life on a construction site and to see if women are in fact treated any differently, because there has to be a reason why women still don’t show much interest in this sector.

Here’s what our girls said:

“Overall, we don’t think it is hard for women working onsite.  Everyone is always really friendly here which makes the job easier.  Generally, people onsite tend to treat us respectfully.  They always let us go past them onsite, say hi to us and in meetings – they even try and give up their chairs for us!

We are in the minority though.  It’s us and then a couple of women working for BAM and the girls in the Canteen and that’s about it.  We are probably the only women (apart from one other) who are regularly onsite with all the guys. 

We do come across some subcontractors onsite who are still pretty old fashioned in their way of thinking but this is a minority. 

I guess for women that don’t work onsite – site life may seem a little daunting and maybe less feminine but overall, we have only had a good experience onsite and would recommend it to other women!”

Women in Construction

That said, although our girls have it good on the North West Cambridge development site, it’s not always the case for other women on site.  In fact according to UCATT and information carried out in a survey, more than 51% of women said that they were treated worse at work because of their gender and also experienced problems such as feeling isolated or that there was a lack of prospects or opportunities available to them. Further to that, 25% of women surveyed said that they had to share toilet facilities with men, and three out of ten women were afraid to complain about poor treatment. You can read more on this article from UCATT here.

Have you had any experiences on site? Let us know and comment below.

Student Accommodation

How to find the best student accommodation for you

Choosing where you’re going to live when you attend university is a big decision, but now with the student accommodation market booming, there are more choices than ever.

At Rosehill, we work on many student accommodation and student halls projects, and we’d like to think by now we’re kind of experts in the industry. With that in mind, we have put together a few pro’s and cons of living in student halls, and hopefully this well help you make a decision, on which type of accommodation is best for you.

University halls certainly have advantages, and are often a great experience if it’s your first time moving out of home..


  • Make new friends
  • Conveniently places on campus and close to the University
  • Often rent and bills are all inclusive
  • Gently eases you in to living away from home
  • There’s additional support from the University so you’re not alone!
  • Usually lots of great amenities close by
  • Most student halls are very modern and aesthetically pleasing now a days
  • Some halls even have their own gym, parking, cafes/bars and other breakout areas
  • Lots of halls do offer En suite rooms or studios with your own kitchen


  • You don’t get to choose who you live with
  • Could be noisy living with lots of students
  • No guarantee so you might not get your preferred accommodation or room
  • Depending on your accommodation type you may feel like you have a lack of private space
  • It might be more costly for extra privacy such as a studio or en suite room


Need some more tips on choosing your university accommodation?

  • Apply as soon as possible
  • Don’t dismiss the cheapest halls
  • The closer to university the better
  • Factor in all costs


Have you got any more tips to add to the above? Comment below or tweet us at @Rosehill_PM

Alternatively, if you have a student accommodation project which you would like Rosehill to provide a quotation for FF&E, please get in touch with

What makes a great team?

So at Rosehill, we pride ourselves on our amazing team, and their dedication and hardwork. Surely, it’s only apt to discuss what makes us so perfect right?

We’re just kidding, we’re not perfect, but being part of a great team is very important to us here at Rosehill so we’ve put together a list of things that we think make a good team.

Embrace different ideas and opinions

A diverse team creates ability and generates the best ideas. Now we know not everyone always agrees, but friendly disputes are healthy!

Not afraid of a challenge

At Rosehill, we’re constantly striving to go further and really develop the company. That doesn’t mean it’s not challenging however, so this is a very important factor for us.

Balance Roles

Every team needs a good balance of skills and aspirations, but more importantly each team member needs to understand each individuals role.


A team that doesn’t work together, is simply not a team but merely a group of individuals.


Dedication and motivation in a work place are essential. Team spirit really will rub off on one another.

Good Communication

Sharing ideas openly and willingly is essential for a plan to come together, but also honesty within a team is equally important. All round good communication skills are key!

What do you think? Any other skills you think we could add to the mix? What do you think makes a good team? Tweet us @Rosehill_PM





Pancake day

Kitchen Essentials for a Flippin’ Good Pancake Day

Forget Valentines day, we’re all about Pancake day! Just kidding, but pancakes are important!

So, we’ve put a list together of pancake day essentials, to ensure you have the best flippin’ pancake day ..

Electronic weighing scales

Why electronic? we’ve fool-proofed this blog post so even the biggest kitchen novice can get involved . They’re easy to use, have an easy to read digital display and are super easy to clean if you manage to get them covered in pancake batter.

Measuring jug

We’d opt for a Pyrex one personally, the red writing makes its super easy to read and it’s dishwasher proof, microwave proof, and shatterproof. Trust us, it will be the best £3 you’ve ever spent.

Silicone spoons & whisks

Forget wooden spoons, silicone is the new go-to! Not only are they heat resistant, they also handily work as spatula’s. Who doesn’t like multi-tasking tools. Plus if you want to get your pancake super fluffy without the arm ache, a quality, silicone tipped whisk is going to make the job less painful.
Pancake turner
Yes, these do exist. If you want to become a pancake making pro, then don’t be tempted to go straight in to flipping the pancake. Avoid the pancake sticking to the ceiling, with this little tool.

Ceramic non-stick pan

PLEASE invest in a on-stick pan. You will thank us later.

Lemon juicer

If your pancake often involves the classic combination of lemon and sugar, this you need to invest in a juicer.

Crepe Maker

For the ultimate pancake perfectionists out there, you could go one step further and invest in a serious bit of kit for beautifully, rounded thin crepes.
Sorry we almost forgot the most important thing.. Ingredients
Now, we’ve got a slight sweet tooth. But if you can’t indulge on pancake day then when can you? Why not try….
chocolate, marshmallows, nutella, mixed berries, sugar, lemon, ice cream, syrup, honey.. anything else we could add to the mix?



We’re working towards ISO 9001

Great news for Rosehill and our partners, we’re working towards ISO 9001.

So we know that just sounds like a mismatch of letters and numbers, but.. it’s actually fairly important, and is a certified quality management system. Essentially, it proves our ability to provide products and services that meet the needs of our customers.

What are the benefits? 

Not to blow our own trumpet, but the ISO 9001 standard will provide us with a competitive advantage..

It will also provide us with easy integration making every stage of the business from estimating to project handover super smooth, and complication free. We’ll be following a a process as industry standard.

It will also help us to improve products, processes and service quality, which will  hopefully improve our customer satisfaction levels.

keep checking back for more updates on our ISO 9001 certificate.




Student Accommodation

What do Students Want From Student Accommodation

So we realise we always rant on about emerging trends in student accommodation and what we’re doing in the industry. But it’s rare that we think about what students want to see in new accommodation (aside from lower rent), after all they’re the ones that will be living in it..

We’ve done some research and here’s a few points we think students will be looking for in new accommodation:

1. A double bed (Obviously)

2. An en suite bathroom

3. High Speed Internet

4. Ease of living & bills included

5. Location – close to university, cafes, shops and pubs

6. Exciting social areas with plenty to do

7. Access to gym facilities and other ammenities

8. TV & entertainment

9. Pet friendly halls!

10. Ability to customise

These are just a few of the factors we have stumbled across in our research, the only one yet to hit the student accommodation market is the pet friendly option. Obviously at Rosehill we can only tackle a few of these, as there’s only so much we can do with furniture. That said, Rosehill already supply a range of modern breakout and social area furniture solutions as well as customisable pieces such as pin boards and notice boards.

Interestingly, we also discovered, that one of the biggest downfalls for students is the poor quality of furniture. To be fair, who wants to sleep in an uncomfortable bed, or sit on sofa that’s falling apart? That’s why Rosehill furniture is super comfortable, contemporary and durable with a 10 year life expectancy!

Do you have any more ideas? Or are you a student yourself? Please comment below and let us know!






Trends 2017

Rosehill Explore Trends For 2017

Every year we start to explore up and coming interior and furniture trends for the year ahead. We take pride in our innovative furniture solutions and styles, but we can’t take all the credit. A lot of hard work goes in to researching and finding our inspiration, so we’ve gathered a few predictions we’ve discovered online and compiled them in to a blog post.

Let us know what you think..

Mixed patterns

Trends 2017

So perhaps the above image, isn’t a style that we would use, but we’re big on using bold colours and patterns for our student accommodation projects.

Faux finishes

Trends 2017

The above image looks like an authentic rustic hard wood floor right? Well in reality, it’s concrete which has been refinished to achieve this look. Why? Well its significantly cheaper and more durable. 2017 is all about finding ways to save on money and use more cost effective materials.


Trends 2017

Navy is the new black. It’s a classic colour which just doesn’t get given enough credit. Use navy if you want to achieve a modern and timeless look.

Folding Appliances

Trends 2017

Now this is where things get interesting. In this case less is definitely more, and designs are transitioning to save space, and provide flexibility for consumers.

Quirky Lighting

Trends 2017

It’s not often that Rosehill look at lighting because it’s not really our area of expertise, but how could we not include this?

Smart features

Trends 2017

Ok so not to blow our own trumpet but we’re kind of already on this bandwagon! Rosehill already offer integrated wireless charging with some of our furniture packages, but there’s definitely room for more. In fact we’ve even seem wireless, phone integrated intercom systems.

Glass doors

Trends 2017

Internal glass doors are a big trend f0r 2017, particularly if you’re trying to make a small room appear much larger. We’re all about the tricks of the trade. You can even transition this trend through to kitchen cupboards.

Are their any other trends that you’ve picked up on and fancy letting us know about? Comment below …




The MD’s take on Rosehill’s plans for 2017

So as we’re approaching the end of the month, we thought it would be an ideal time to catch up with Rosehill’s Managing Director and find out the companies plans for 2017.

We rounded up 5 of our main goals:

Enter new markets

This includes breaking out in to care homes, contract kitchens, and hotels. We’re confident that we can cater to the following sectors and really expand Rosehills portfolio of projects. #WatchThisSpace

Grow The Business Revenue

This year, we’re keen to grow as a business, so by expanding in to new markets, we expect to significantly increase the companies revenue.

Strive to improve our customer service & satisfaction

Our customers and clients are key to our success and growth, so in 2017, we will continue to do our best to exceed our customers expectations and build last relationships.

Be the number 1 company for student accommodation furniture

You may already be aware that we have a large portfolio of  student accommodation projects under our belt, so now it’s our personal mission,  to build on that and be the go-to furniture company for the student accommodation sector.

Attend more networking events

We’re really hoping meet new customers, contractors and clients this year. To do this we need to start attending more networking events and exhibitions, so we’ll be signing up to as many as possible!

So there you have it. That’s what you can expect from Rosehill this year. Let us know what you think and comment below.