Student Accommodation

How to find the best student accommodation for you

Choosing where you’re going to live when you attend university is a big decision, but now with the student accommodation market booming, there are more choices than ever.

At Rosehill, we work on many student accommodation and student halls projects, and we’d like to think by now we’re kind of experts in the industry. With that in mind, we have put together a few pro’s and cons of living in student halls, and hopefully this well help you make a decision, on which type of accommodation is best for you.

University halls certainly have advantages, and are often a great experience if it’s your first time moving out of home..


  • Make new friends
  • Conveniently places on campus and close to the University
  • Often rent and bills are all inclusive
  • Gently eases you in to living away from home
  • There’s additional support from the University so you’re not alone!
  • Usually lots of great amenities close by
  • Most student halls are very modern and aesthetically pleasing now a days
  • Some halls even have their own gym, parking, cafes/bars and other breakout areas
  • Lots of halls do offer En suite rooms or studios with your own kitchen


  • You don’t get to choose who you live with
  • Could be noisy living with lots of students
  • No guarantee so you might not get your preferred accommodation or room
  • Depending on your accommodation type you may feel like you have a lack of private space
  • It might be more costly for extra privacy such as a studio or en suite room


Need some more tips on choosing your university accommodation?

  • Apply as soon as possible
  • Don’t dismiss the cheapest halls
  • The closer to university the better
  • Factor in all costs


Have you got any more tips to add to the above? Comment below or tweet us at @Rosehill_PM

Alternatively, if you have a student accommodation project which you would like Rosehill to provide a quotation for FF&E, please get in touch with

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