Kitchen design

The Kitchen Design Process

At Rosehill, we aren’t just another kitchen designer. In fact we pride ourselves on the fact that we offer bespoke kitchens on mass rather than off the shelf solutions, meaning out kitchens are designed and tailor made for each project.

Because Rosehill cater for large scale projects and contract kitchens our design process is slightly different, but generally this our step by step process..

1. Meeting or consultation 

Rosehill are always keen to meet new clients and talk through requirements. That’s why our first step in the kitchen design process usually starts with a consultation or meeting including our design team and our projects director. At this point we would ask for design plans for our team to go away with and work from.

2. Samples

Once we have an idea about the project brief and the general kitchen design, we’ll offer samples and finishes for your team to oversee and test. This ensures we’re all on the same page.

3. Design & CGI’s

At the next stage, our design team will utilise the floor plans and design intents provided by architects. Our team have top of the range software in order to create CGI’s and visuals to confirm all designs and finishes are correct and fit the project brief.

4. Show rooms

On confirmation of design and CGI’s, our site team will then provide a sample or show kitchen either on site or at our HQ. This gives the client the opportunity to see the finished product before producing mass amounts.

So there you have it.. our kitchen design process is really only consists of 4 steps, however as you can imagine in order to achieve the best possible outcome it can often be a time consuming process depending on the project brief. That said, it’s important to remember that at Rosehill, we offer similar materials to those of high street and trade only kitchen suppliers. However we work to offer bespoke solutions to meet the demands of the construction industry and the designs of apartment blocks and residential developments.



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