Pancake day

Kitchen Essentials for a Flippin’ Good Pancake Day

Forget Valentines day, we’re all about Pancake day! Just kidding, but pancakes are important!

So, we’ve put a list together of pancake day essentials, to ensure you have the best flippin’ pancake day ..

Electronic weighing scales

Why electronic? we’ve fool-proofed this blog post so even the biggest kitchen novice can get involved . They’re easy to use, have an easy to read digital display and are super easy to clean if you manage to get them covered in pancake batter.

Measuring jug

We’d opt for a Pyrex one personally, the red writing makes its super easy to read and it’s dishwasher proof, microwave proof, and shatterproof. Trust us, it will be the best £3 you’ve ever spent.

Silicone spoons & whisks

Forget wooden spoons, silicone is the new go-to! Not only are they heat resistant, they also handily work as spatula’s. Who doesn’t like multi-tasking tools. Plus if you want to get your pancake super fluffy without the arm ache, a quality, silicone tipped whisk is going to make the job less painful.
Pancake turner
Yes, these do exist. If you want to become a pancake making pro, then don’t be tempted to go straight in to flipping the pancake. Avoid the pancake sticking to the ceiling, with this little tool.

Ceramic non-stick pan

PLEASE invest in a on-stick pan. You will thank us later.

Lemon juicer

If your pancake often involves the classic combination of lemon and sugar, this you need to invest in a juicer.

Crepe Maker

For the ultimate pancake perfectionists out there, you could go one step further and invest in a serious bit of kit for beautifully, rounded thin crepes.
Sorry we almost forgot the most important thing.. Ingredients
Now, we’ve got a slight sweet tooth. But if you can’t indulge on pancake day then when can you? Why not try….
chocolate, marshmallows, nutella, mixed berries, sugar, lemon, ice cream, syrup, honey.. anything else we could add to the mix?


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