What makes a great team?

So at Rosehill, we pride ourselves on our amazing team, and their dedication and hardwork. Surely, it’s only apt to discuss what makes us so perfect right?

We’re just kidding, we’re not perfect, but being part of a great team is very important to us here at Rosehill so we’ve put together a list of things that we think make a good team.

Embrace different ideas and opinions

A diverse team creates ability and generates the best ideas. Now we know not everyone always agrees, but friendly disputes are healthy!

Not afraid of a challenge

At Rosehill, we’re constantly striving to go further and really develop the company. That doesn’t mean it’s not challenging however, so this is a very important factor for us.

Balance Roles

Every team needs a good balance of skills and aspirations, but more importantly each team member needs to understand each individuals role.


A team that doesn’t work together, is simply not a team but merely a group of individuals.


Dedication and motivation in a work place are essential. Team spirit really will rub off on one another.

Good Communication

Sharing ideas openly and willingly is essential for a plan to come together, but also honesty within a team is equally important. All round good communication skills are key!

What do you think? Any other skills you think we could add to the mix? What do you think makes a good team? Tweet us @Rosehill_PM





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