The MD’s take on Rosehill’s plans for 2017

So as we’re approaching the end of the month, we thought it would be an ideal time to catch up with Rosehill’s Managing Director and find out the companies plans for 2017.

We rounded up 5 of our main goals:

Enter new markets

This includes breaking out in to care homes, contract kitchens, and hotels. We’re confident that we can cater to the following sectors and really expand Rosehills portfolio of projects. #WatchThisSpace

Grow The Business Revenue

This year, we’re keen to grow as a business, so by expanding in to new markets, we expect to significantly increase the companies revenue.

Strive to improve our customer service & satisfaction

Our customers and clients are key to our success and growth, so in 2017, we will continue to do our best to exceed our customers expectations and build last relationships.

Be the number 1 company for student accommodation furniture

You may already be aware that we have a large portfolio of  student accommodation projects under our belt, so now it’s our personal mission,  to build on that and be the go-to furniture company for the student accommodation sector.

Attend more networking events

We’re really hoping meet new customers, contractors and clients this year. To do this we need to start attending more networking events and exhibitions, so we’ll be signing up to as many as possible!

So there you have it. That’s what you can expect from Rosehill this year. Let us know what you think and comment below.


Top Tips to De-clutter for the New Year

According to Psychologists, Clutter causes our senses to work overtime and distracts us or makes us feel like there’s always work to do. This is because chaotic surroundings make it harder to focus. What better way to start the year off feeling less stressed, less worked, and more organised? Time for a de-clutter, so here’s a few handy tips to get you started..


One of the easiest places to start is your kitchen, simply because its much easier to start by throwing away, out of date tins, and bits of foods rather than sorting through a pile of clothes. Plus the amount of space you’ll manage to free up will be both surprising and satisfying. Once you’ve tackled the pantry cupboard, move on to sorting through dish towels, appliances and tupperware. Why not recycle old tea towels and cut them in to rags, ideal for spring cleaning? And if your hoarding a kitchen full of appliances you never use, think about selling them or giving them away instead.

Home Office

For home offices, try to keep it simple and just keep items to one side of the worktop. Not only is it more aesthetically pleasing it gives you more work space. If you tend to keep items such as CD’s, DVD’s and books, sort through them and try to donate any you don’t use anymore to a charity shop. They’ll only be gathering dust. Next it’s time to focus on some filing. Start by scanning though various letters and bits of paper and sort them in to piles/types. It will feel much more manageable and help with stress levels. Finally, back up your computer or laptop and you’ll thank us later, especially if you haven’t done this in while. Perhaps vow to do this more regularly.

Family Room

Often the family room, is a hub for toys and games. Take this time (perfect after Christmas) to get rid of the games your family no longer enjoys, and instead make space for new ones. We would recommend finding some sort of storage box to keep all toys and games hidden away neatly.  The family room is also usually home to the TV or other media items, so it’s a good idea to sort through any shelving or bookcases surrounding the focal point of the room. Firstly remove all items and give the shelves a good clean, and when you go to replace the items, think about how you style your shelves. Correct layering can really change the look and feel of a room.


Think about sorting through clothes and accessories around April time, nearer to Spring and when the seasons start to transition. This way you can sort through your winter clothes before storing them away, and do the same with Spring and Summer clothes as you start to unpack and wear them. Remember, any unwanted clothes and shoes in good condition can be donated to charity shops! Whilst sorting through clothes don’t forget to sort through bed linen and think about refreshing your bed sheets. Often bed sheets which have been stored in the cupboard or drawers for a while are in need of a trip to the launderette, plus what’s not to love about fresh bed sheets after a long hard day?


Usually the mess lies in the cabinet or towel bin. Start by sorting through the medicine cabinet or drawers and throw away any expired skin care items or things you don’t use anymore, and then clean the shelves before returning any items. Don’t forget to sieve through towels and face cloths, and recycle or throw away any which look a bit worse for wear. Plus new towels can give your bathroom a quick refresh and update!


There’s a reason we’ve saved this one until last. Probably the hardest room of the house because its naturally where we store extra clutter, things we don’t use often and things that we’re not quite ready to give away. This is usually a mixture of tools, hobbies and arts & crafts, and Christmas decorations. Having taken down your tree probably only a few weeks ago it might be a good idea to sort through old decorations now whilst it’s still fresh in your mind, and it means you’ve got a whole year to plan and prepare for next years magical theme! Try to organise different items in to different piles or storage boxes and label, so when the day comes and you do eventually need to use the tool box you know exactly where to look. You’ll be surprised that simple organisational practices will impact your mentality and day to day life.


So there’s a few tips to get you started and clutter-free. Let us know your thoughts..





Looking back at 2016

Rosehill are heading in to 2017 more optimistic than ever, so we’ve decided to reflect on 2016- the high’s and the low’s.

We’ve had some great team members come and go but we’re heading in to this year with a team we are really confident with. Not only have we also had internal promotions, in 2016 Rosehill were delighted to introduce Mark Foster to the team, as our new Managing Director. We even put him on the spot for a quick Q&A and we’re excited for the year ahead.

2016 was a challenging year and we were met with some tough deadlines but we finished the year with a new portfolio of student accommodation projects. However for 2017 we’re dedicated to upping our game. Our goal is to build strong and long-lasting relationships with contractors and clients and we’re certain we can continue to improve our services.

Now we’re heading in to the new year with some great projects in the pipeline, and last year we announced one of our new contracts awarded  for completion in Spring 2017.

We’ve got high expectations for 2017, with aims to branch out in to contract kitchens as well as care home sectors. Plus we’re hoping to update our website and present Rosehill with a whole new, modernised look.

Keep checking our blog for more updates and details on any new projects we’ll be working on for 2017.


Career at Rosehill

Welcome to the Rosehill Team!

Its full steam ahead at Rosehill HQ, and the team just keeps on growing. Rosehill are delighted to welcome two new members to the team in time for some great student accommodation projects we have in the pipeline.

Jade joins our commercial team, as a project co-ordinator. With a background as an account executive working in an agency, she’s really looking forward to joining our team and learning about a whole new industry. In Jade’s spare time she enjoys cooking, red wine and yoga… I think we can get on board with the wine part!

Ross joins us as our newest project manager and he’ll be heading up Newcastle site, one of our biggest projects for 2017! We’re confident he’ll do a great job with years’ of experience in the industry already.

We’re currently looking for a new estimator to join our dedicated team. If you’re interested in finding a career at Rosehill, then please send your CV and covering letter to



Rosehill New Team Members

In time for the New Year, Rosehill are pleased to be extending our dedicated team at our HQ.

Towards the end of the year we’ll be starting on some major projects and to help us we’ve hired a new project co-ordinator and another in-house designer.

Ellie is our newest member of the commercial team, working alongside our quantity surveyors, she joins us as a Project Co-ordinator, and will be ensuring our projects run smoothly from start to finish. With a background as a supply chain finance analyst, Ellie is eager to learn more about our industry and get stuck in to our newest projects.

With a growing number of projects in the horizon, and Rosehill offering design consultancy services, we are delighted to welcome Jennifer to our team as a designer. Jennifer has joined us from a background in commercial interior design and we are confident she will be a perfect fit for Rosehill.

We love our hardworking and dedicated team and we thrive off a fun working environment. We’re always on the lookout for new members to join the Rosehill family, so if you’re interested in working with us, please send your CV and covering letter to.


Student Accommodation

New Project Awarded – Somerset Road Birmingham

Rosehill Project Management are delighted to secure the FF&E package for the Somerset Road, student accommodation scheme in Birmingham. Rosehill will be working for T H Michaels Construction on the refurbishment project, which will accommodate 36 rooms in total and 7 kitchens.

Rosehill are thrilled to be designing, supplying and installing the furniture for the scheme and work will commence on site in January 2017. Each room is entirely unique with a different design brief and specification, so the Rosehill design team are working hard to ensure the design of each room is complete efficiently and of high standard ready for work to commence early next year.

Each bedroom will include a comfortable cabin bed with integrated storage, as well as stylish, living and learning space for students such as desks, bookcases and additional storage. Rosehill will also be supplying seating and communal area furniture for the kitchens. All Rosehill furniture is manufactured using innovative and robust designs, with high quality materials to ensure a 15 year product life cycle.

The ultimate client for the project is Spring 4, and Rosehill are excited to commence work with two new partners. The project is expected to be completed in February 2017, with a quick turn arond ready for University students to move in, the next academic year.

Student Accommodation

For more information on the above project please contact our Marketing Executive Stephanie Maguire, alternatively you can follow us on Twitter @Rosehill_Group for regular updates.

Shared Kitchen

How to share a small kitchen with housemates

If you’ve ever shared a house with flatmates before, you’ll understand the difficulty when it comes to organising the busiest room in the house. The kitchen probably plays one of the most important roles in the common household, both socially and functionally. If you’re totally new to this whole house sharing malarkey, then here’s a few tips to get you started.

Communication is key

Unfortunately we’re not mind-readers (although it would make things a whole lot easier if we were) so it’s important to communicate in black and white. Literally. Not only do I mean, label and organise your food, storage, accessories and kitchenware, discuss your expectations with your housemates. One person’s version of clean and tidy might not be the same as yours, so now’s the time to ion this out. Consider cooking times, ingredients and shelf space, as well as cleaning and maintenance.

Keep the worktops clear

Work space is oh-so important in a small kitchen so keeping it as uncluttered as possible makes things a bit easier. Use some smart storage solutions such as free standing shelves or hanging rails. As well, if you keep most things in cupboards or drawers, you have more space for prepping your food at meal times. Remember, too much clutter can look untidy.

Shared Kitchen

Designate space

Cupboards can be much easier to delegate to housemates, whether it’s a shelf or fridge space, there’s a fine line between what’s common space and personal space. Be clear about which areas are shared such as appliances and worktop space, and also make sure the space is equally shared to avoid any unwanted arguments.

Shared Kitchen

Invest in a notice board

This is the simplest way to communicate with the household. Either invest in a notice board, or paint a section of the kitchen in blackboard paint, so it’s not taking up valuable space. You can use it for shopping lists, to do lists, clean up rotas and more.

Shared Kitchen

Cooking rota

It can be helpful to create a cooking rota whether you live in a share house or you live with your partner. In a shared house, why not create and allocate cooking slots to prevent chaos of multiple people trying to cook up a storm in a confined space. With a partner, take it in turns to make dinner for each other, less mess and more space!

Buddy Up for clean up

We all hate chores, but buddying up for them can often make the job twice as quick – make sense yeah? It’s quite simple really, one wash up and one dry.

Let us know if you have any share kitchen tips over on our twitter @Rosehill_Group.

Maximise kitchen space

How to Maximise Space in a Small Kitchen

The tiny home trend, is really big right now especially within our market amongst student accommodation and apartment living. However, the hardest room to organise is most often the kitchen and your small home maybe become the bane of your existence when space is precious. We’ve got a few simple tips so you can maximise every inch.

Put wheels on it

A rolling kitchen trolley or island is perfect for a small kitchen. Wheel it in when you need some extra counter space, and hide it away when you don’t – Simple!

Utilise wall space

Why not install some hooks, knife racks or rods to store your utensils, and pots and pans.

Maximise kitchen space

Conquer corner space

There are a range of corner cupboards on the market now to help utilise the space which often goes to waste. Try one like this one here ..

Maximise kitchen space

Opt for the built in approach

You’ll have much more counter space if you opt for a built in approach, with handy alcoves, to store appliances and other cooking supplies.

Maximise kitchen space

Use the inside of doors

The inside of cupboard doors can be used to organise spices, utensils or even cleaning products.

Maximise kitchen space

Double up your shelf space

You can purchase shelf racks very cheap and it instantly doubles your cupboard space.

Maximise kitchen space

Keep it clean

Opt for a minimalist look in order to stop your small kitchen from looking cluttered.

Maximise kitchen space

Choose small appliances

If your dead set on buying a dish washer, then why not choose a smaller version like this one here, or even opt for multi-functional appliances such as a washer/dryer.

Maximise kitchen space

Let us know what you think of our space saving ideas and follow us over on twitter @Rosehill_Group


Rosehill 3D CGI’s

As part of Rosehill’s new design consultancy service, we can now offer a 3D animated CGI. The virtual tour-esk video is ideal for pre-tender stages, marketing materials, client approvals and sample rooms. We’re very pleased to have updated our software and be able to offer this innovative service to potential clients. For more info please don’t hesitate to contact us and speak to a member of our design team on 0161 485 1717.

Let us know what you think below, or follow us over on Twitter &  Youtube for more updates.



Timeless Colour Schemes For Your Kitchen

Although planning a new kitchen is exciting, it’s also considered an investment for your home. The best place to start is usually the colour scheme, but be careful not to choose one which will date quickly. We’ve put together a small selection of colour schemes which are both classic and timeless and really worth considering for your kitchen renovation. Each, can be easily paired with different accessories and appliances over time to change the look or feel of the space. Take a read below and let us know what you think…

Black & White

It’s no secret that the contrast of black and white is a poplar trend for interiors, yet it’s still a very easy colour scheme to live with. In order to create maximum impact try to find a very crisp white and the purest black, then soften the harsh tones by introducing some grey accessories. Remember to use black sparingly in a small space, and consider glossy finishes for black surfaces to bounce light around the room.


Neutral Tones

Neutral tones are perfect to create a warm and homely scheme, and it really is completely timeless. None of the colours are overpowering which means you won’t tire of looking at them, and you can incorporate new colours and accessories when you fancy a bit of a refresh. Depending on the style that you’re hoping to achieve, look for benchtop colours that mimic natural stone, or consider using marble or granite for a more authentic look.


White on White

White on white has become increasingly popular over the last few years. Although admittedly not to everyone’s taste and perhaps not the wisest option if you’re a messy cooker, however it’s timeless and there’s an endless choice of colour schemes and accessories that you can team with white.


French Grey

Soft greys are sophisticated and timeless in both modern and traditional style kitchens. Greys can even have a tinge of blue, yellow or even pink to them if you’re hoping to add some more colours, however combine your cabinets with a natural colour benchtop to create a subtle contrast.


Italian Red

One of the safest ways to add red to your kitchen is often through accessories, so that you don’t overdose on the colour. That said, red cabinets can be timeless and perfectly kitchen appropriate. In order to find a perfect tasteful shade of red, look to Italian food packaging for some inspiration.


What do you think? Let us know below or head to our Twitter @Rosehill_group