Q+A with Rosehill’s new Managing Director

So last week we introduced the newest member of the Rosehill family; our Managing director, Mark. I bet you’re just as intrigued and excited as we are, so here’s a snippet in to the future and what you can expect from Rosehill over the next few months.

What attracted to you to come to Rosehill?

Rosehill have a rich history of providing quality products and services at affordable prices. I’ve competed against them in the past on various projects and have always been impressed with their professional approach to design, manufacturing standards and the quality of their installation. When the opportunity arose to take on the role of M.D. it was an easy decision to work for a company I already knew of and highly respected.

How’s your first week at Rosehill HQ been?

The short answer is hectic. The summer months for our business are the busiest in the whole year. So much is happening and the amount of information I am having to digest is huge. That said, it’s been a great first week!

What are you most excited about for the future at Rosehill?

The potential of the people that work here. We have a great infrastructure at the centre of which are a team of people who are passionate, dedicated and hungry to succeed and grow with the business. I look forward to getting to know everyone more.

Do you have any plans to make changes or expand the company?

Absolutely. There are a number of markets within the industry that we don’t deal with yet, but have the people and expertise within the business to target and be very successful in. We’ve already started to take the first steps to do this. Watch this space.

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Rosehill's new managing director

Welcome to the team: Rosehill’s new Managing Director

Things at Rosehill HQ are ticking over nicely for Summer 2016 with all projects on track for completion. Due to company growth and expansion, Rosehill Project Management are excited to be branching out in to Care home and commercial furniture, and we are delighted to welcome on board our new Managing Director, Mark Foster.

Mark joins us with over 28 years industry experience in commercial fit out, office, care home and PRS furniture. Having worked for 2 of the largest office furniture manufacturers in the world, as well as running and managing his own companies, we are very happy to welcome him to the Rosehill family, and the whole team is excited to learn from both his knowledge and expertise on the industry.

Now looking forward to a new challenge, Mark joins the team with big plans for Rosehill, leading us in to a new market for 2017. Watch this space…

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Q & A with Ben Etherington, Rosehill’s Business Development Manager

Can you tell us about some of the exciting projects which Rosehill have been working on this Summer?

We have completed our first boarding school accommodation project this summer with BAM Construction at Sherfield School, off the back of this we have received more tender enquiries for boarding schools and institutions. Also being more involved in the design and specification aspect of the student rooms at Hagley Road has been a valuable and rewarding experience.

What’s in the future for Rosehill in terms of projects?

Rosehill are looking to 2016/2017 to be another successful year, working on projects from the South Coast to the North East. Many of the projects remain in the negotiation stage with queries being dealt with by our estimating team currently, keep a look out on our blog for new projects awarded in the coming weeks.

Do Rosehill plan to branch out in to any other sectors away from Student accommodation?

Rosehill have found the standard of Student accommodation furniture has increased so much that we are now offering solutions akin to Hotels and PRS Schemes. We are looking to offer our contract Kitchen solutions to residential developments including high rise apartment blocks. Our kitchen showroom in our head office offers an insight into the options available, this coupled with our in house design team means we are well equipped to enter this market.

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Trend Watch: Mix & Match Kitchen Cabinets

There’s been an unwritten rule in kitchen design for a long time that sticking to a single colour or material is the standard. More recently however, design rules have been more relaxed and matching cabinets are simply a thing of the past. Now the trend is gaining popularity, it’s easier than ever to experiment with mix & match kitchen units, so we’ve put together a quick summary of the do’s & don’ts.

Do Mix finishes

Mix a natural wood with a matte unit finished in a fresh colour like this blue. The pale-hued wood unites compliment this shade of blue perfectly.

Mix and match cabinets

Don’t go overboard on shapes and shades

You don’t want to make your kitchen look overly fussy, the whole point of the trend is for the different styles to complement each other so try to keep it fairly simple.

Do add a vintage feel

A mix & match style is the perfect opportunity to get creative and upcycle a beloved vintage piece. Introduce some character in to your kitchen like this one here..

Mix and match cabinets

Don’t have more than 2 styles of cabinet

It’s great to contrast two different styles or colours, but don’t opt for more than two. You’ll risk your kitchen looking un-coordinated and messy.

Do go half and half

More often or not, you’ll see a bank of one colour on wall cupboards and a different shade on base units, so why not try dividing the styles vertically instead? This look works especially well if your opting for a symmetrical look.

Don’t forget the kitchen island

If you want to opt for something more subtle, why not contrast the styles of wall cabinets to free standing ones. Choosing a different colour for your kitchen island can really draw attention to it and make it a focal point of the kitchen.

Do get painting

Bespoke wooden kitchens are like a blank canvas for this trend, and it’s super easy to commission your manufacture to paint certain sections of your kitchen in a different colour. Tip: If you opt for chalky tone such as grey or buttermilk, it will never date.

Don’t be afraid to take it to the top

In the kitchen below, the glossy bold, ceiling high cabinets are the center of attention with contrasting white wall units below. By extending the pink below the oven and around the fridge has helped to ground the trend.

Mix and match cabinets

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A beginners guide to buying the right curtains

A great set of curtains can literally transform a room. It’s an investment, both financially and from a style perspective. At Rosehill, our FF&E service now includes a full turn-key solution including blinds and curtains, so here’s some expert advice on how to choose the right ones…

There are multiple different fabrics and style to consider when purchasing curtains, however curtains also provide many practical solutions. Firstly, a good pair of lined curtains will provide insulation for your home, reducing both the heat and cold which in the long run lowers energy consumption and saves you money! For more obvious reasons, curtains also provide your home with privacy.

Styles to consider

The style of curtain that you chose should be in harmony with the  rest of the room. For example, you may want to create a decorative feature, and layer your curtains or opt for a patterned fabric. Alternatively, you might opt for a sheer set if privacy is not your concern, but each room will have different requirements so that’s the key point to consider.


The fabric you choose how your curtains will function, so you need to take the time to consider the look you want to achieve. If your hoping for good drape or fold, don’t opt for a fabric which is too heavy or light. Linen, silk and velvet are the perfect choices as they tend to hang well. Another tip is to hold your fabric swatch up to the window and experiment with the light.

The way we experiment at Rosehill, is by collecting multiple fabric swatches for ideas and testing. We often order in samples to see how something may look but our key area for contract is practicality, so opting for the best blackout curtains is top on our list. This is perfect for student accommodation as good insulation will keep the utility bills down!

Length & width

With furniture and interiors there are a lot of tricks we use to create a certain look or effect. For example, hanging curtains higher than the window, will add height to the room. That said, curtains should always frame the window, so make sure you don’t exceed an extra 10% of rod on each side. To ensure your curtains still look draped when closed, the width of the curtain panels should be at least two times the width of the window.

Top Tips

1. If you’re opting for blackout curtains, it doesn’t mean you have to choose a dark colour which makes the room look dull and gloomy. Instead opt for a bright and vibrant colour which keep the room light and chirpy even when drawn

2. If you’ve decided on a patterned fabric, then ensure the patterning in the rest of the room is kept to a minimum. I would also suggest keeping the style and pleat of the curtains fairly simple as well.

3. For a big room with large windows or doors, opt for a sheer fabric with a neat pencil pleat. It’s perfect for a family or social space with light flooding the space.

4. Torn between black out or sheer curtains? Why not layer the two. This means you can still keep your lie in, but during the day you’re space remains private, light and airy.


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Student Accommodation Furniture Trends

Student Accommodation Furniture Trends

At Rosehill we strive to meet our client’s requirements and believe we are at the forefront of innovation and trends for 2016.

Our expert design and commercial teams have noticed a shift in the student accommodation market and there is now a higher demand for luxury and high quality designs. This new breed of student accommodation often includes studio apartments and en-suite rooms which typically include a high specification kitchenette, double bed and a flat screen TV. Beyond this, is often inclusive high-speed broadband, and on site gyms and entertainment. Here’s a few of the trends that we’ve picked up over the past year..

Handleless cabinets & units

Student Accommodation Furniture Trends

Solid surface worktops

Student Accommodation Furniture Trends

Induction hobs

Student Accommodation Furniture Trends

Wood  grain finishes

Student Accommodation Furniture Trends


Glass & acrylic splashbacks

Student Accommodation Furniture Trends

Beds with various integrated storage solutions

Student Accommodation Furniture Trends

Creative splashback ideas

8 Creative Splashback Ideas

We’ve been looking a lot a kitchens recently with our increasingly growing market in contract and shared kitchens. We often make our designs bold and contemporary, with bright splashbacks and contrasting worktops. A splashback can often transform the entire look of a kitchen, so here’s 8 adventurous options for you to consider…

Mirrored glass

A mirrored glass splashback can add a more contemporary twist to any style of kitchen. Its reflective surface, makes the space feel brighter and bigger, so we would recommend this for a small kitchen. It’s also very durable and easy to clean, but marks do show up very easy so it will need a regular polish.

Creative splashback ideas


Laminate splashbacks are a great affordable alternative to natural stone. Not only does laminate come in multiple colours and finishes, often the high-definition print and texture can appear increasingly realistic. To keep in tone with rest of the kitchen, match the finishes so it becomes part of your colour scheme rather than a feature.

Creative splashback ideas


Using a photograph or printed splashback is a great way to add a personal touch to your family kitchen and can fit with any style. Alternatively use a piece of modern artwork and really make a statement. Team this with minimal white units and worktops to ensure the splashback is the main feature.

Creative splashback ideas

Magnetic Chalkboard paint

Not only is this super affordable, you can have a lot of versatility with this option. It’s also a great way to incorporate some personality in to your kitchen, as well as an alternative to a corkboard or noticeboard. If you’re not keen on the standard classroom look, you can customize your paint colour whilst still keeping the benefits of having a magnetic chalkboard. Plus it’s probably the quickest and easiest option to apply.

Creative splashback ideas


If you’re opting for a more traditional kitchen look, you can create a mosaic splashback out of near enough anything. In this example, broken china is used to create a beautiful cottage style kitchen. Luckily you can pick up broken or marked pieces of chine from second hand stores and car-boot sales again making it very affordable. If you’d prefer a more modern mosaic, you can usually find mosaic tiles pre-made in a range of contemporary colours.

Creative splashback ideas


Bare all with brick work. A smooth acrylic worktop contrasts perfectly with a sealed natural brick splashback. It might not be the easiest to clean, but it’s durable and won’t show stains like a glass splashback would.

Creative splashback ideas

Coloured lighting

To step it up a notch and create a much more contemporary effect, team a contrasting tile splashback with a neutral surface, and use lighting to illuminate your splashback. You can even opt for a light with different colour settings so you can alter the atmosphere in your kitchen.

creative splashback


If you’re aiming for luxury, then nothing beats a natural marble splashback. Although it’s not exactly cheap or low maintenance, lots of marbles have streaks and patterns which can help hide any staining caused in the kitchen.

Creative splashback ideas

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Contract Kitchens

Rosehill Contract Kitchens

At Rosehill we can supply a large range of high quality, affordably priced kitchens for student accommodation, and other residential sectors. We have extensive experience working in partnership with blue chip clients, and hold preferred supplier status among many of the construction industry’s top contractors.

We provide a flexible design consultancy and project management service, with a directly employed SMSTS and SMAS accredited team. Our dedicated team will oversee every stage from design to fit out.


Our contract kitchens are multi-functional and designed to accommodate, dining, work and social space, which is particularly important for our student accommodation projects. They’re also contemporary in colour yet both timeless and extremely durable in material to ensure a longer life cycle.

Water, steam and stains are all factors which threaten to restrict the life cycle of a shared kitchen. A kitchen is often the social hub of student accommodation, so it’s important that we provide the most durable kitchens and materials such as MFC and robust acrylic splash-backs, providing maximum performance and need for very little maintenance.


For more info on our contract kitchens or if you need a quotation then please don’t hesitate to contact is on 0161 485 1717 or you can email

Three Peaks Challenge

Rosehill FF&E Complete Three Peaks Challenge For Charity

On June 10th, Cheshire based contract furniture specialists; Rosehill FF&E, set off to complete the Three Peaks Challenge. Eight courageous Rosehill team members took park in the challenge in aid of The Christie, and Action on Womb Cancer. The ultimate goal was to raise £3000.

The two charities are very close to Rosehill and they are delighted to announce that they have raised a total of £2,310 and Rosehill directors plan to double this amount before donating the funds to the two charities.

The Christie is a specialist cancer hospital located in Manchester, providing world-class care to cancer patients, as well contributing to cancer research with many successful breakthroughs.

Action on the Womb, is a new formed charity focused on providing on-going support for women going through womb cancer, as well as raising awareness for the disease.


Rosehill director Paul Gande, stated:

“We are overwhelmed with amount of support and donations we have received from our clients, customers, family and friends. We’re sincerely looking forward to donating the funds raised to our chosen charities and I am extremely proud of the Rosehill team who took part.”

For more updates please follow us on Twitter @Rosehill_Group and if you wish to donate you can do so here .

Three Peaks Challenge

Victoria House

Project Update Sneinton House & Victoria House, Nottingham

Back in February, Rosehill secured 2 fantastic student accommodation projects in Nottingham for Megaclose group.

Now both refurbishment projects are well underway and we wanted to share our progress..

The projecst will transform an old office building and care home in to contemporary student accommodation which comprises a variation of bedrooms, studios and kitchens.

Victoria House

Victoria House has a total of 105 studio bedrooms with a fully fitted equipped kitchentte, breakfast bar, cabin bed, desk and wardrobe. Here’s an image taken earlier this month from the show flat we installed.

Nottingham Student Accommodation

Sneinton House

Sneinton House has a total of 79 bedrooms, and 10 communal kitchens. The show flat we installed includes a cabin bed, desk, integrated wardrobe and storage space, as well as kitchen worktops and appliances.

Nottingham Student Accommodation

Both projects are due to be complete this year ready for students starting university in September. Make sure you follow us over on twitter, @Rosehill_group for more updates.