Shared Kitchen

How to share a small kitchen with housemates

If you’ve ever shared a house with flatmates before, you’ll understand the difficulty when it comes to organising the busiest room in the house. The kitchen probably plays one of the most important roles in the common household, both socially and functionally. If you’re totally new to this whole house sharing malarkey, then here’s a few tips to get you started.

Communication is key

Unfortunately we’re not mind-readers (although it would make things a whole lot easier if we were) so it’s important to communicate in black and white. Literally. Not only do I mean, label and organise your food, storage, accessories and kitchenware, discuss your expectations with your housemates. One person’s version of clean and tidy might not be the same as yours, so now’s the time to ion this out. Consider cooking times, ingredients and shelf space, as well as cleaning and maintenance.

Keep the worktops clear

Work space is oh-so important in a small kitchen so keeping it as uncluttered as possible makes things a bit easier. Use some smart storage solutions such as free standing shelves or hanging rails. As well, if you keep most things in cupboards or drawers, you have more space for prepping your food at meal times. Remember, too much clutter can look untidy.

Shared Kitchen

Designate space

Cupboards can be much easier to delegate to housemates, whether it’s a shelf or fridge space, there’s a fine line between what’s common space and personal space. Be clear about which areas are shared such as appliances and worktop space, and also make sure the space is equally shared to avoid any unwanted arguments.

Shared Kitchen

Invest in a notice board

This is the simplest way to communicate with the household. Either invest in a notice board, or paint a section of the kitchen in blackboard paint, so it’s not taking up valuable space. You can use it for shopping lists, to do lists, clean up rotas and more.

Shared Kitchen

Cooking rota

It can be helpful to create a cooking rota whether you live in a share house or you live with your partner. In a shared house, why not create and allocate cooking slots to prevent chaos of multiple people trying to cook up a storm in a confined space. With a partner, take it in turns to make dinner for each other, less mess and more space!

Buddy Up for clean up

We all hate chores, but buddying up for them can often make the job twice as quick – make sense yeah? It’s quite simple really, one wash up and one dry.

Let us know if you have any share kitchen tips over on our twitter @Rosehill_Group.

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