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What do Students Want From Student Accommodation

So we realise we always rant on about emerging trends in student accommodation and what we’re doing in the industry. But it’s rare that we think about what students want to see in new accommodation (aside from lower rent), after all they’re the ones that will be living in it..

We’ve done some research and here’s a few points we think students will be looking for in new accommodation:

1. A double bed (Obviously)

2. An en suite bathroom

3. High Speed Internet

4. Ease of living & bills included

5. Location – close to university, cafes, shops and pubs

6. Exciting social areas with plenty to do

7. Access to gym facilities and other ammenities

8. TV & entertainment

9. Pet friendly halls!

10. Ability to customise

These are just a few of the factors we have stumbled across in our research, the only one yet to hit the student accommodation market is the pet friendly option. Obviously at Rosehill we can only tackle a few of these, as there’s only so much we can do with furniture. That said, Rosehill already supply a range of modern breakout and social area furniture solutions as well as customisable pieces such as pin boards and notice boards.

Interestingly, we also discovered, that one of the biggest downfalls for students is the poor quality of furniture. To be fair, who wants to sleep in an uncomfortable bed, or sit on sofa that’s falling apart? That’s why Rosehill furniture is super comfortable, contemporary and durable with a 10 year life expectancy!

Do you have any more ideas? Or are you a student yourself? Please comment below and let us know!






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