Student study

What’s the best environment for students to study?

We all know how easy it is to get distracted nowadays with social media only a click away. So we’ve done some research to find out what really makes the perfect environment or study space for a student.

1. Diminish the distractions

This has to be the number 1 rule for studying or any workplace environment. For students especially its easy to find yourself distracted particularly because usually your desk is in the same room as your TV. Everyone has different preferences however, Rosehill try to create the ideal living space for students separating work and play and creating zones within our studio apartments or flats.

2. Go unplugged

Another idea is to instead make a point of turning off all electronics and unplugging them, even go one step further and log out of your social media accounts.. This will allow you to get our work done more efficiently.

3. Lighting

It’s impossible to really focus on work whilst straining your eyes and suffering from a head ache because the lighting isn’t quite adequate. At Rosehill we ensure that when we design our bedrooms for student accommodation we use appropriate lighting and position lighting effectively for studying.

4. Comfort—too much, or too little

Sitting on your bed whilst studying may seem ideal, but it doesn’t encourage productivity. We think it’s really important to have a separate work space and desk, with a comfortable ergonomic seating, promoting a healthy posture, and comfortable productive working.

5. Stay organised

No one wants to work in an unorganised environment. Seriously, you’ll spend half your time trying to find the relevant materials when you could just be getting on with your work. Instead, Rosehill provide storage cupboards and can even supply desk trays and rubbish bins, ensuring your work space is clean and tidy.

Have you got any other tips to help create a productive working environment? Let us know and comment below ..


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