Women in Construction Leading our Cambridge Student Accommodation Project

In aid of Women in construction week, this week we’ll be releasing a series of blogs based around the subject to show our full support. Rosehill are proud to have a mixed team of hard-working and dedicated male and female individuals, as well as women out on site.

In fact heading up one of our largest live student accommodation projects in Cambridge is Lynne and Kjersti.

Project Details:

Project: North West Cambridge Development

Rooms: 354 apartments

Contractor: Bam Construction

Client: University of Cambridge

Duration: November 16 – June 17

Challenges: The package includes all bespoke fitted storage furniture proving challenging for the Rosehill design team, and the large scale site mean that there are logistics and health and safety issues which need to be constantly addressed and monitored.

Other details: Rosehill are providing all FF&E for the rooms, working in conjunction with 3 different architects.

So because it’s Women in Construction week, we caught up with Lynne and Kjersti to find out more about their roles on site.

Q: Tell us a little bit about your day to day routine, what’s it like being a woman working on a construction site?

A:  All days start with a safety briefing with our fitting teams onsite.  This covers items of safety like PPE & Housekeeping but sometimes also includes a toolbox talk on a relevant topic.  We also use this time to speak to the fitting team about any issues that may be occurring onsite when fitting the furniture.  Aside from these aspects which happen daily as a matter of duty, no 2 days are the same here.  Our days can include anything from checking progress on site, to writing snagging lists and measuring rooms before we bring our furniture in.  On delivery days, we also take a role in helping the teams unload the furniture from the pallets and distribute it to the rooms.  There are also other tasks that we take which are more ‘site cabin’ based like planning meetings with the client or planning out our next delivery of furniture and writing progress reports to ensure that everyone is kept in the loop.

Q: What do you like about your jobs and working in construction?

A: We enjoy the fact that no 2 days are the same.  We also like the fact that being on site and seeing the furniture get fitted allows us to see the finished product so that we can instantly see results and feel a sense of achievement. On site we’re also a part of a big team.  It’s not just us 2 working together.  We enjoy being part of the bigger team – this includes fitters, the client and other trades.  We get on with everyone!  Plus, we keep active being onsite (we have already both lost weight through running around everywhere)… well that’s a bonus!

Lynne & Kjersti on site in their PPE

So there you have it, our two best project managers running one of our largest live projects and we’ve already had great feedback from Bam, that the girls are doing a great job and they couldn’t be happier!

Are you interested in working in construction. We’re always happy to receive new CV’s, just email 

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